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Fort Wayne Trails will act as a community partner and advocate in the development of a connected, multi-purpose system of trails in Allen County.


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100 Miles

Proudly Celebrates 100 Miles of Trails in our Community

Proudly Celebrates 100 Miles of Trails in our Community

Celebrate 100 Miles of Trails in our Community with a Gift for More Trails

--Donate $100 or more or become a monthly Trail Blazer, and be recognized on a new display at the Towpath Trailhead
--Donate $500 or more and get top-of-sign recognition with larger and bolded font
--Donate at any amount, and  be listed on the Fort Wayne Trails website
--Or, donors can chose to give anonymously

Make a One-Time Gift to the 100 Mile Campaign Now!


Become a Trail Blazer Recurring Monthly Donor  

Or, send your donation with the memo marked "100 Mile Campaign" to: Fort Wayne Trails, 300 E. Main Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802


Total Raised to Date: 

In November, 2017, the 100th mile of public, multi-use trail was installed in the Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana trail network. This is an extraordinary accomplishment by the City of Fort Wayne, Allen County, New Haven, and all communities in our county with the assistance of many grassroots volunteers and donors.

Fort Wayne Trails is proud to have been able to assist in this milestone, and would like to invite the public to participate in a fundraising campaign to honor Mile 100. Fort Wayne Trails has created the 100 Mile Campaign as an opportunity for everyone to participate as trail construction continues and the trail network expands to connect even more of us. The campaign is sponsored by PNC Bank with a goal to raise $100,000 for trail development activities. 

The campaign kicks off on Monday, August 7th. Those who donate $100 or more will be permanently recognized on a new display that will be installed at the Towpath Trailhead, located on Engle Road. Anyone giving $500 or more will have top-of-sign recognition with larger and bolded font. All donors (of any amount) will also be listed on the Fort Wayne Trails website at http://www.fwtrails.org Those. not wishing to be recognized should mark the donation as anonymous. Donors may choose to make their donation one time, or sign-up for our new Trail Blazer recurring monthly online donor program.

On October 17th it was announced that the 100th mile of trail was paved on the Rivergreenway between Johnny Appleseed and Shoaff Park! Our system has grown by 60 miles of trail in the last 10 years and donors like yourself have helped make that happen. We held a dawn bicycle ride and a ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 13th to celebrate this milestone. 

We received excellent media coverage on 21 Alive and NBC 33,  and WANE TV.


Our campaign to reach $100,000 is still going strong, and we thank you for visiting this page. 

Other new sections of trail built in 2017 include:

-Bluffton Road Trail—the first section of the Poka-Bache Connector to go south from the Rivergreenway system, completed by the City of Fort Wayne.
-Pufferbelly Trail—the State Boulevard to Fernhill Drive and the Children’s Zoo section, will be completed in early 2018 by the City of Fort Wayne, with help from Fort Wayne Trails.
-Hanna Street Trail--section from US 27 south to Burns Boulevard has been built by the City of Fort Wayne and begins to fill in the gap from Tillman Park to the existing Hanna Street Trail that ends near Pontiac Street.
--Gump Road Trail—an important segment connecting Huntertown to the developing Pufferbelly Trail, has been completed by Allen County and Huntertown.


This milestone celebrates a great grassroots citizen movement coupled with the support of our government leaders. Without all of their vision and support, the system would not be where it is today. The 100th mile of public, paved, trail is a giant accomplishment for connectivity in our community. In an age where more and more people walk and ride bikes for transportation and health, our network of trails are emblematic of the quality of life of our residents. The 100 Mile Campaign provides an opportunity for everyone in our community to help continue that momentum as we continue to plan and develop new trails throughout Allen County.

Make a One-Time Gift to the 100 Mile Campaign Today!

Become a Trail Blazer Recurring Monthly Donor!

Great thanks to PNC Bank for sponsoring our 100 Mile Campaign! 

Here's a list of our 100 Mile Campaign donors to date. Donors in BOLD gave at least $500.

*** all new donors will be added within 72 hours of receipt of donation.

Anthony Juliano

Jennifer Altherr

Ed and Jackie Gibson

Kent and Heather Castleman

Jerry and Pamela Tribolet

Joshua Smith

Katherine Rohrbacher

David Patton, in honor of Catharine Andorfer Patton

Burt and Ann Brunner

Dominique Bradford, in honor of Londa Rose Bradford

Rick and Arlene Haynie

Steve Price

Dustin and Sara Hamm

Carmen Tse

Tim Ellsworth

Pamela Franke, in honor of Grandma and Grandpa Franke

Barbara Smith


Stein Ad Promos

Kirk and Kim Sabrosky

Angie Quinn and Steve Nagy

Matt and Ronda Lehn

Michael Kanning

Krista and Dan Stockman

Ferguson Meek

Valerie Leek

John Christensen 

Steve & Deb Todd

Latiesha LaRue, in honor of Amanda Wendt

Susan Connett

Elaine Gaff

Eric Fisher

J.R. and Joelle Ruefer

Barb Richards

Valerie Sheets

Dennis Campbell

Linda, Laurie, and Barb, in honor of Melinda Snyder Kinder

Mary Ann Parker, in honor of Stephen L. Parker

Norb Dreyer

Peter and Jacquelyn Mahlock

Dr. and Mrs. Greg Schmitt

Todd & Teresa Mell

David Van Gilder

Gary and Diane Hoffmann

Michael Biesiada and Jeanine Herold

Nancy Butler

Kurt and Katie Briner

John Kohl

Joe Francis and Chris Ruckman

2017 Summit City Bicycles and Fitness Sales for Trails

Carolyn Thatcher

Girl Scout Troop 20282

Rosy Stein, in honor of Michael Saylor

Kevin Brennan

Catherine and Scott Hill Family

Erin & Chad Price

Thomas Henry

Susan Koenemann

Christine A. Welling

Timothy Ellsworth

Phil & Marcia Wright

LeeAnn Brennan

Jack and Adrienne Maurer, in honor of Roger Goodland

Rick and Carol Abbott

William J. and Marita Cline, in honor of Bill Adams

Elizabeth Frederick

John and Dianna Auld, in memory of Bryan Auld

Bruce and Deb Guebard, in honor of Eloise and Calvin Scott


Don Bieberich

Janet and Michael Bangert

Robin Scott

Dave and Pam McDaniel

Mark Wendt

Mike and Ann Bonifas

Randy and Carole Smith

Tom and Kay Felts

Tom Neuenschwander and Cheryl Heller

Laura Rao

Larry and Ellen Till

Clifton and Mary Titcomb

Eric and Angela Ottinger

Richard and Debra Fradette

Neal Shady

Dan Graly

Carol and Richard Schwartz

Glenn and Dori Rogers

Linda Bloom

Mr. Maury O'Daniel and Family

Mr. and Mrs. James Toone

Targeted Services PC

Richard M. Atkinson

James and Julie Kyler

David and Faith Van Gilder

Mr. John Meyer and Ms. Courtney Waterman

Kathleen Dahm

Mr. and Mrs. Bob F. Jesse

Engineering Resources, Inc.

Ray Bishop, in honor of Dorothy Bishop

Kenton Reckeweg

David Bolton, in honor of Elaine Patterson

F. Paul and Nanette DiGangi

Lynn and Dorace Smith

Steven Romary



Craig and Vicki Welch

Mike and Lynn Trulock

Marsha and Doug Worthington

Jim and Lynn Hersberger

Steve and Trisha Vankoski

Bill Ewing

Anthony Lardydell

UAW Local 2209

Old Prairie Products, Inc.

Gene and Lisa Miller

Lyn Schlegel

Anne and Scott Karr

Frank and Sandy Shoener

Brian and Kyla Zehr

Physicians Health Plan

Susan and Bill Nash

Joe Hyndman

Tom and Lynn Antisdel

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Nyffeler

Ronald and Margaret Rice

Craig Bobay

Aaron and Marj Lybarger

Anne Davies


Louise A. Larsen

Michael and Holly Brady

Tom and Janelle Jones

James and Susan Berghoff

Art McCord and Nedra Steury

Don and Kathy Grashoff

Marlin and Julie Bauer, in honor of Dr. Julie Bauer

Marinda Gregory, in honor of R.E.G.

Terra Schmidt

James and Marta DeSimone

Mike and Linda Corson

Jay and Connie Coffman

Brad and Amy Peckinpaugh

Ms. Willa Thompson

Ms. Wilma Fuelling

Scott and Marilyn Maddox

Steve and Suzi Lundergan

Alan and Esther Yoder

Anne Tiernon

John Leitz

Jay and Peggy Farlow

Southwest Youth Triathlon

Michael and Karen Roeger, in honor of Jack Roeger

Mona Will

Angie Quinn, in honor of Kent and Heather Castleman

Angie Quinn, in honor of Joy and Bobby Lucas

Angie Quinn, in honor of Joshua and Audrey Smith

Angie Quinn, in honor of Dawn Ritchie

Angie Quinn, in honor of Amy Hartzog

Amy and Tim Kenesey

Don and Ann Marqueling

Rachel Blakeman

Steve Gustafson and Laura Paschen

Marshall White

Janet DeRoche, in honor of George DeRoche

Ian and Nicole Nelson

Steel Dynamics, Inc.

Bruce and Barbara Weaver

William Smith

Sheila Clay

Bob and Joanne Beatty

Erin and Greg Clark

Dr. Gregg Pollander

Scott and Jeannine Gibble

Leslie Remenschneider Real Estate, Inc.

Fort 4 Fitness 

Jim and Kathy Bailey

Dr. Gregg Pollander

Greg and Erin Clark

Kevin and Mary Ellen Tonne, in honor of Thomas Plant

Jerry Smith and Janet Lawson


Russ and Sandy Voorhees

Christian Bridgwater

Tyler Larson, in honor of Lavern and Donna Roth

Michael and Carla Overdahl

Kirk and Susan Eggebrecht

Denis Schwartz

Ben and Nicole Langel

Testamentary Trust of Jack A. Ewing

Mike and Libby Osborne

James Wehrenberg

Craig and Cheryl Klinker

Christopher and Lynn Keefer

Terez and Dennis Zorger, in honor of Bill Adams

Robert and Ruth Stone

Margaret Distler

Kelly Shanks, in honor of Joseph Green

Douglas and Portia Coe, in honor of Joseph Green

Maureen and Louie Mespell, in honor of Joseph Green

Therese Springmann, in honor of Joseph Green

John and Sara Corbatt, in honor of Joseph Green

Anita Mather, in honor of Joseph Green

Paula Hinton, in honor of Joseph Green

Therese Brown, in honor of Joseph Green

Jim and Todd Stone, in honor of Joseph Green

The Fox Family, in honor of Joseph Green

Pete,Alice, and Tim Eshelman, in honor of Joseph Green

Fred Hemsath, in honor of Joseph Green

Matt and Cheryl Confer

Brian Vanskyock

Tommy DeLong, in honor of Roger Goodland

Sandy Thomas

Rick and Dorian Maples

Thomas and Sandra Elyea

Ms. Katherine Lynch

Terry and Terri Schackow, in honor of Brian and Jason Schackow

New Car Dealers Association

Ed and Mary Lou Hutter

Mike and Mary Jo Todoran

In Memory of Rudy Travis

William Critell, in honor of the Critell-Heaston Families

David Schleinkofer, in honor of Sue Hiatt

Johnson & Johnson Employee Matching Grants Program

General Electric Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Gary Hogle


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