Our Mission:

Enhancing our vibrant and healthy community by developing an ever-expanding network of trails.


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We'd like to extend our thanks to our 2014 donors. Your contributions are critical to our mission of enhancing our vibrant and healthy community by developing an ever-expanding network of trails. If you've not yet had the chance to donate, please consider making a donation now. Thanks for your support!

Discoverer (25,000 to 49,999)

Auer Foundation

English Bonter Mitchell Foundation 

Foellinger Foundation, Inc.  
John McMillen Foundation


Trekker (10,000 to 24,999)

Edith and Clarence Schust Foundation
Edward M. and Mary McCrea Wilson Foundation
Journal Gazette Foundation
Ropchan Foundation

Trail Messenger (5,000 to 9,999)

Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne
Janet and Todd Stephenson
Summit City Bicycles

Explorer (1,000 to 4,999)

Kristen Adams
Lakshmi and Sanjiv Aggarwal
Linda Bloom
Kathryn Callen
Central Indiana Bicycling Association Midwest Tandem Rally
Crosby Excavating, Inc
Dorset Charitable Trust
Mary and Eric Baade Charitable Trust
Ewing Trust
Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market
Amy and Greg Galecki
Amanda and Ben Graves
Indiana Michigan Power
Jerry Bailey Trucking, Inc.
Beth and Donald Laipple
Nicole and Ben Langel
Mark and Cindy Renshaw Fund
Eugene McGarvey
Scott Miller
Norfolk Southern Foundation
Maury O'Daniel
Kathy and Andy O'Shaughnessy
Parkview Physicians Group
Teresa and Tom Reithmiller
Carol and Richard Schwartz
Ruth and Robert Stone
The Arnold Foundation
The Happy Way Foundation
Tucanos Brazillian Grill
Gary Ward

Adventurer (100 to 999)

Aalco Distributing Company, Inc
Bill Adams
Jon Alger
Rodney Alter
Terry Anderson
Christopher Angellatta
Mary Jo and Mark Ardington
B.S.R. Incorporated
Kathy and Jim Bailey
Julia and Marlin Bauer
Jeanine Herold and Michael Biesiada
Susan and Mark Billian
Peter Bobeck
Annie and David Bobilya
David Bolton
Kathy Roudebush and Jon Bomberger
Bona Vita Architecture
Ann and Sean Brennan
Pamela and Andy Brooks
Margaret Brooks
Joan William Bryant
Betty and Max Buckles
Garrett Butler
Falguni and Harin Chatiawala
Dan Chiles
Catherine Frey and Joseph Christoff
Erin and Greg Clark
Sheila Clay
Bethany and Kelly Clevenger
William Cline
Connie and Jay Coffman
Missy and Doug Copley
Robert Corcoran
Linda and Michael corson
Marcia and John Crawford
Nancy and William Critell
Janet DeRoche
Sharon and Dan Dienelt
Nanette and Paul DiGangi Jr.
Margaret and Robert Distler
Mark Dolezal
Susan and Kirk Eggebrecht
Sharon and Ben Eisbart
Sandra Thomas Elyea
Engineering Resources, Inc.
Bill Ewing
Kathryn and Thomas Felts
Bev and Dave Fiandt
Stephen Fishbaugh
Suzanne Fisk
Fort Wayne Electrolysis
Susan and John Fouts
Joe Francis
Philip Fretz
Kathy Friend
Timothy Gardner
Julianne Geimer
Betsy and Geoff Gephart
Jeannine and Scott Gibble
Barbara and Alan Gilbert
Alice and Roger Goodland
Holly Gord
Sally and David Gutting
Melanie and Bob Hall
Craig Hamilton
Cole Heaston
Derk Hinsey
Bob Hoffman
Diane and Gary Hoffmann
Sue and Mike and Horton
Kathryn and David Howenstine
Amy and Michael Isenberg
Michael Isenberg
Johnson and Johnson
Angele and John Judd
Angela Joseph Jurczak
Janet and Andrew Katz
Lynn and Christopher Keefer
Emily Keirns
Julia Meek and James Kelsey
Rob Kline and Jake Brames
Gregory Konger
Chad Korte
Juli and Greg Lapp
Louise Larsen
Lassus Family Foundation
Robert Lawson
Ainsley and Brian Lee
Julie and Tyler Lehman
Rhonda Steven Lehman
Shirley Lehman
Elizabeth Leppek
Ken Lizer
Carolyn and Robert Lovell
Gary Lybarger
Katherine and Gregory Lynch
Mad Anthony Brewing Company
Irwin Mallin
Dorian and Richard Maples
Sandi May
Marla and Paul McAfee
Sue and Michael McCollum
Nedra Steury and Art McCord
Pam and Dave McDaniel
James Merriman
Susie and David Meyer
Susi and Reed Miller
Patrick Monaghan
Mary and Mark Maffey
Patti and Ronald Murzyn
Jennifer Nash
Susan William Nash
Gloria Nash
National Christian Foundation of Indiana
Thomas Neuenschwander
Thomas Nill
Mike Nutter
Partricia and Thomas Oberhausen
Laura Greg O'Daniel
Amy and Eric Olsen
Anita and Thomas O'Reilly
Mike Osborne
Kathryn and Michael Parrott
Fran and John Pasalich
Melody and Marty Pastura
Amy and Brad Peckinpaugh
Douglas Pett
Richard Poinsatte
Sheryl Poorman
Kay and David Powell
Joe Predina
Jollen and Donald Reed
Carol and James Reilly
Nicholas Reimschisel
Nathan Reinhard
Rita Ricketts
Lori Rose
Maggie and Andrew Saal
Brian Schackow
Teresa and Terry Schackow
Krista and John Schloss
Jane and Greg Schmitt
Heather Schoegler
Maureen and Rodney Schroeder
Mary and Denis Swartz
Neal Shady
Beth and Tim Shields
Patricia Spoltman
Susan Steffy
Bill Stevens
Todd Stock
Kathi and Michael Stronczek
Superior Essex
Camella and Matthew Sutter
Jeff Taner
Targeted Services
Three Rivers Strollers
Anne Tiernon
Nate Todd
Mary Ellen and Arnold Tonne
Nancy and James Toone
Travelers Protective Association of Amererica
Thanh Trinh
Keith Tumbleson
David VanGilder
Carol Vodde
Jean Vrabel
Jeanette and James Weigand
Mark Wendt
Troy Werling
Debbie and Al Wildrick
Heidi and Rudy Wilfong
Esther and Alan Yoder
Daryl Yost
Diane Zimmerman
Frank Zirille
Beth and Dan Zweig


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