Golden Spike Support


The most important section of trail in our community’s history will soon be built. A critical 1.78 mile section of the Pufferbelly Trail is needed in order to connect our community’s trail system. There will soon be 85 miles of trails south of Coliseum Boulevard, and approximately 30 miles of trails north of Washington Center Road.  Much like the “golden spike” that connected the transcontinental railroad and allowed the country to connect from east to west in the 19th century, our “golden spike section” will create a network of 115 miles of interconnected trails. At its completion, all but 10 miles of our county-wide system will be interconnected.

Fort Wayne Trails, Inc. is currently assisting the City of Fort Wayne with a crucial grant application, and we hope you might be able to assist us by your commitment to be a financial partner for this effort (minimum to be included with the application and on future permanent donor recognition is $500). Any donation in any amount is helpful, and Fort Wayne Trails will combine all donations under $500 into one gift towards the local match.

We are also looking for organizations and individuals to take a few minutes to help us by writing a letter supporting the project. If you are interested in more information on how you can support this project financially, please feel free to contact [email protected], we would love to set up a meeting!

Below you will find templates for both the letter of financial commitment and letter of support. To assist us, please copy the intended template to your letterhead, make any changes to the text if you’d like, and then send it off to the Indiana DNR (don’t worry, the address is on the letter), and a copy by email to [email protected], so it can be included with the grant application. Thank you for your continued support of a connected and healthy community.

Sample Letter of Financial Commitment

Sample Letter of Community Support

Pufferbelly Run, Walk, and Stroll Update: To ensure that we can provide a safe and fun event we have made the decision to cap our registration and eliminate day-of registrations. We have a hand full of spaces left and once they are full we will be closing registration. The virtual options will be left open and are a great way to help support the event and Fort Wayne Trails. The virtual events are casual and you are not required to submit a time unless you would like to. We are sorry to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this decision and hope that you understand the reason behind our choice. Thank you for supporting Fort Wayne Trails!


Join us for the 11th Annual Pufferbelly Run, Walk, and Stroll, NOW WITH A VIRTUAL OPTION!

We are excited to announce that after careful consideration, we have determined that we can move forward with the 2020 Pufferbelly Run/Walk/Stroll IN-PERSON. While following the Governors guidelines and CDC recommendations, we will still provide a fun and safe event for all of you. Of course, your safety is paramount and as we get closer to July 18th, if we feel we cannot provide you with a rewarding and safe experience we will make any necessary changes. Keep in mind that in addition to a fun morning on the trails, every registration goes directly to supporting trail growth and development right here in our city. We thank you all for using and supporting Fort Wayne Trails.

More information and registration links can be found here: