Our Mission:

Enhancing our vibrant and healthy community by developing an ever-expanding network of trails.


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Bike to Work Day, Kickstart and More! A busy, fun filled weekend!

This weekend isn't just a bike ride and revealing of some public art: It's so much more than that! As we started looking at what we could feature on our social media channels,… See More

May 2014

Trail Detours and Closures

It's spring, and that means 3 things: warmer weather, heavy rains, and the start of construction season! Although, really, does construction season ever really end? It seems… See More

April 2014

Building Momentum: Camille Garrison

Building trails takes a great deal of effort from hundreds of City employees, elected officials, contractors, construction workers, and, of the voices of passionate, community… See More

March 2014

Weekend Photo Contest

With the first big snow on its way, we've decided to host a photo contest! Yesterday, we realized that we don't have many photos of the trails during the winter, and that's… See More

December 2013

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